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Victron Energy Battery Protector BatteryProtect 12V-24V 65A BPR000065400

Victron Energy Battery Protector BatteryProtect 12V-24V 65A BPR000065400
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Victron Battery Protector BatteryProtect 12V-24V 65A BPR000065400

Victron Battery Protector BatteryProtect 12V-24V 65A BPR000065400

BatteryProtect disconnects unimportant loads from the battery before it is completely discharged (which could damage the battery) or there is not enough power left to move the engine.

BatteryProtect is a one-way device. Since it can only deal with the current in one direction, it can only deal with the current going to the load or the current coming from the charger, not two currents at the same time. In addition, current can only go from Battery terminal to Load terminal. In case of use with a load, the battery is connected to the Battery terminal. If used with a charger, the charger is connected to the battery terminal.

12/24 V automatic scaling

BatteryProtect automatically detects system voltage

Easy programming

BatteryProtect can be set to engage/disengage at many different voltage levels.

The seven-digit display automatically shows the selected setting.

Special setting for lithium-ion batteries

In this model, BatteryProtect can be controlled via VE.Bus BMS.

Note: BatteryProtect can also be used as a charge interrupter between the battery charger and the lithium-ion battery. See the wiring diagram provided in the manual.

Ultra low current consumption

This is an important feature that must be activated in lithium-ion batteries, especially after a low voltage shutdown.

For more information, please see our lithium-ion battery data sheet and the VE.Bus BMS manual.

Overvoltage protection

To prevent damage to sensitive loads due to overvoltage, the load is disconnected when the DC voltage exceeds 16 V and 32 V respectively.

Ignition protected

Spark formation is prevented thanks to the MOSFET switches located instead of the relay.

Delayed alarm output

The alarm output is activated if the battery voltage remains below the current disconnect level for more than 12 seconds. This way, starting the engine will not activate the alarm. The alarm output is a short-circuit protected open collector output with a maximum current of 50 mA, connected to the negative (minus) rail. The alarm output is often used to activate a buzzer, LED or relay.

Delayed load interruption and delayed reconnection

The load is cut off 90 seconds after the alarm is activated. If the battery voltage rises again to the connection threshold within this period (for example, after starting the engine), the load is not disconnected.

The load is reconnected 30 seconds after the battery voltage rises above the current reconnect voltage.



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