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Who is AZKarbon?

Who is AZKarbon, the shopping address for those who think about the future of the world today?
We set out with the dream of establishing a shopping site where all products and services from A to Z aim to reduce carbon emissions, and we founded AZKarbon. At AZKarbon, which we launched as an İnci Holding company with the idea of "We did not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children." we continue our environment-focused activities to raise consumer awareness and provide them with the right products/services. With the awareness of our responsibility in the fight against the climate crisis, we are taking steps to bring a green breath to e-commerce and bring together environmentally friendly products and services. We believe that it is possible to reach a cleaner and greener future with developing technologies by using our advantages correctly. We emphasise the importance of social unity for a cleaner and more livable world and offer a reliable, economical and rewarding experience in the light of sustainability principles. The changing global climate and ecosystem have also raised the awareness of many people and led them to act responsibly. As AZKarbon, we bring together consumers who have this awareness, who want to obtain information in this field or who want to make their choices in this direction with suppliers who are experts in their field and who have actively gained a place in the sector with their products and services. Let's explore efficient and eco-friendly products and services together to save money while investing in the future. We are here to save your money, your environment and your future.

How do we work in AZCarbon?
We bring sellers together with customers with a wide range of products that can contribute to both producing energy and using energy efficiently in all areas of our lives, we investigate whether the products are really energy efficient or not, and we agree to put energy efficient products or products that can reduce energy costs on the website. At AZKarbon, we help to collect multiple offers from expert and reliable companies by determining the needs of the consumer who visits the site and evaluating the offers correctly in the needs that require project-based solutions. We provide information and answer questions for those who need it, with a team of fully trained advisors who can answer any questions. Within the framework of the principles of competition and transparency, we present offers to consumers openly and transparently, ensuring that consumers have access to the most suitable options in the right way. As one of the steps we have taken with the mission of raising awareness of all our stakeholders, we aim to provide you with easy access to current and essential information from the sector with our AZKarbon Blog page. You can follow our articles in this area by visiting the AZKarbon Blog area.

What are our Differences for our Customers?
You can contribute to a green future by shopping at an environmentally friendly marketplace.
We recognise the importance of our responsibility and act accordingly. We stand by you with our green-friendly solutions for both product and service needs.
We don't just sell products or services; we also recognise the importance of raising awareness. We are competent in our field; we are familiar with the concept of sustainability.
As fast and accessible, we are at your side with technical information and support from an expert when you need it.
We offer a niche product and service-oriented marketplace where you can access only energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technological products.
We follow current trends in technology and ecosystem thinking for our customers.
What are our differences in terms of our suppliers?
We bring our suppliers together with the right customer portfolio by offering the appropriate customer base for niche products.
We offer programs to help develop the supplier and keep them up to date with technology. We offer suggestions and opportunities for their development with our process follow-up.
We reduce time and cost expenses by ensuring that their products are visible in the right place.
With 70 years of experience, we guide our suppliers and offer a reliable and transparent partnership.
Thanks to our reliable and expert team, we ensure that you receive support with the correct information at the right time.
With our environmentally friendly corporate identity, we direct our suppliers to environmental studies and contribute to social responsibility.
With our 70 years of deep-rooted history, we strengthen your advertising and activities and strengthen the reliability barriers.