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Commercial Electronic Message E-Newsletter Explicit Consent Text

Explicit Consent Text Regarding Sending Commercial Electronic Messages and E-Newsletters Within the scope of your explicit consent, the website is managed and administered by AZKarbon Elektronik Tic. Ve Hizmetler A.Ş. (Briefly referred to as "AZKarbon"), located at the address "Emrez Mah Akçay Cad No: 64/2 Gaziemir/İzmir", we may process your personal data for purposes such as carrying out the marketing processes of the products and services we offer you and making plans for you to get the highest benefit, providing you with unique opportunities for our products and services, and carrying out promotional and advertising activities. We may share your personal data with our domestic or foreign suppliers and business partners for the above purposes.

Consent to Receive Commercial Electronic Messages

Within the framework of the entire website, it addressed, mobile application and other connected/related digital areas belonging to AZKarbon Elektronik Tic. Ve Hizmetler A.Ş. ("AZKarbon") and within the scope of Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, I accept, declare and undertake that I allow commercial electronic messages to be sent to me via text messages, e-mails, letters and phone channels for the purpose of offering other benefits such as sales, promotions, marketing, advertising, discounts, information, campaigns, etc.

Within the framework of this commitment, within the framework of other services / goods provided / offered by AZKarbon and related after-sales services, my identity card data and other personal data, including my sensitive personal data; I hereby give my explicit consent to the processing of the above-mentioned information to provide guidance regarding products and services, to inform about current developments, to announce general and/or unique opportunities, to promote and advertise, to provide information about campaigns, to send messages for celebration purposes, to share content such as promotions, presentations and bulletins, to make analyzes to evaluate my satisfaction regarding the products and other services purchased and to contact me in this regard, for the purpose of contacting me in order to carry out promotional, marketing and campaign activities for the aforementioned services and products through social media, search engines, e-mail, e-bulletin, text message and similar channels in accordance with the laws, and for the same purposes, to transfer my data to domestic or foreign-based digital marketing companies, to transfer my data to companies that provide products/services so that gifts can be sent to me on special occasions.

I hereby agree that messages shall be sent to me through the channels I prefer, that I can change my communication preferences at any time or that I can terminate the notifications by declining the transaction specified in the messages I receive without any justification, and that commercial electronic messages, newsletters and other messages may be sent to me through SMS/text messages, automatic calls, phone calls, social media and online advertising networks, e-mail and other electronic communication tools and channels in accordance with the law.

I accept and declare that I have read and understood the Clarification and Explicit Consent Text and the Commercial Electronic Message Consent Text regarding the commercial electronic messages to be sent to me. In this regard, I give my explicit consent and approval to send commercial electronic messages to me through the relevant channels.