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About Pre-Feasibility


Did you know that you can save on your electricity bill by having a turnkey solar panel installed on your roof?

We have phased this installation phase for you, let's see what will meet you at each stage;

• Pre-feasibility phase; Here, you will be able to find out the approximate cost of installing a solar panel on your roof by entering your location information and billing information.

• Offer stage; Your offer reaches our suppliers close to your location, and our suppliers who want to make an offer prepare the most suitable offers for you.

• Offer evaluation; The offers prepared by our suppliers are evaluated by the AZKarbon team and the most suitable offer(s) are forwarded to you.

• Offer; When you choose the most suitable offer for you, the following steps begin;

- You will be contacted and an appointment will be made for the roof and site survey and the net price will be determined.

- Installation begins after the connection agreement is approved.