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Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)

Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)
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Gel battery 12V 200Ah (MEX12-200)




Teknovasyon R&D Bilişim Dan. Ltd. Ltd. It was founded by Young Entrepreneur Electrical-Electronics Engineer Hamdin Bağçeci as a State-supported R&D company, and continues its commercial activities in the field of Solar Electricity Generating Systems by increasing customer satisfaction day by day.

We try to help our customers with the right product and the right price as much as possible in solar systems.

A little warning to our customers. They should be careful about unbranded, unlabeled Solar Panels removed from power plants and batteries that are sold as gel but are not real gel. We would like to inform you that such products are not included in our company. Of course, it is important to take these into consideration when comparing prices.

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