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Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011

Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011
Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011
Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011
Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011
Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12-24-120 Ampere Smart Battery Combiner CYR010120011
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Victron Energy Cyrix-Ct 12/24V-120Amper Smart Battery Combiner

Intelligent battery monitoring to prevent unwanted switching
Some battery combiners (also called voltage-controlled relays or split-charge relays) disable the battery when a brief but high amperage load occurs. The battery combiner may not be able to connect a large but discharged battery pack if the DC voltage suddenly drops below the cut-out value after the batteries are connected.

The Cyrix-ct 12/24's software does much more than just connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and a fixed time delay. Cyrix-ct 12/24 looks at the overall trend (voltage increase or decrease) and reverses a previous action only if the trend has been reversed over a period of time. The time delay depends on the voltage deviation relative to the trend.

Long bolts allow multiple power cable connections
Cyrix 12/24-120: 13mm (M6)
Protection against high temperature (e.g. due to prolonged overload) Cyrix switches off in case of excessive contact temperature and switches on again when the temperature drops.

12/24 V auto ranging Cyrix-ct 12/24 automatically detects system voltage.
Zero voltage loss Cyrix battery combiners are an excellent replacement for diode isolators. The most important feature is that there is no need to increase the output voltage of the alternator or battery chargers, as there is almost no voltage loss.

Increasing the priority of the margin battery In a typical installation, the alternator is connected directly to the margin battery. The auxiliary unit battery and possibly a bow servo motor and other batteries are connected to the starter battery with Cyrix battery couplers. If Cyrix detects that the starter battery has reached the connection voltage, it activates and enables parallel charging of other batteries.

Bi-directional voltage sensing and power supply from both batteries Cyrix detects the voltage of both connected batteries. This is also activated when the accessory battery is charged with a battery charger. Cyrix-ct 12/24 has a dual power supply. This way, it also shuts down when the voltage on a battery is too low for Cyrix to work. To prevent unexpected operation during installation or if a battery is disconnected, the Cyrix-ct 12/24 will not shut down if the voltage at either battery connection is less than 2 V (12 V battery) or 4 V (24 V battery).

Parallel connection in emergency situations (Starting Assist) Cyrix can also be activated with a button (Cyrix remains activated for 30 seconds) or a switch to manually parallel connect the batteries. This function is particularly useful in emergency situations where the starter battery is discharged or damaged.



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